If you have glasses like me,

of a rather mild prescription

then you often leave them be,

on a tabletop unworthy of description.

and you go about your day

with a sense of compromise

that the world might blur away

but at least you’ll spare your eyes.

If, like me, your spectacles boast

a rather low optometrical number,

then you’ve noticed you live in two, three worlds at most

if you count the dark country of slumber.

The first is the world of near distances,

where everything is at hand.

You don’t need glasses in these instances,

in cosy rooms or thickly forested land.

The second is the world of faraway stuff,

shocking and blurred to the slightly impaired eye.

Here, you’ll need your glasses, sure enough,

if you want to identify a license plate, or a bird in the sky.

Enrico Buonamiglia

narrativa in lingua inglese per il popolo. editore del macchiato: https://medium.com/il-macchiato

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